How to Open and Convert Bin File

Ever seen the .BIN extension and wondered what it is and how it is used? Here, you will be learning about what a BIN file is, how to open with some applications and convert BIN files to other formats.

How to Open and Convert Bin File

.BIN files are compressed binary files used for numerous purposes majorly by computer applications and different applications can use the binary codes it contains. They are used with CD and DVD backup image files and as well as anti-virus programs.

.BIN files are saved in the basic binary format and can be opened using text editors. It can't be opened directly on a computer system. The binary file format can be converted into an ISO file if necessary. With this format, you can mount on a virtual drive or burn to a disk.

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Please note that only BIN files that are available in a basic two-fold position can be opened with a content manager. As a matter of fact, some .BIN files that are being used by some specific PC programs can only be opened by the same app that created it, or sometimes, with a programming app.

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The Android APK package format is sometimes saved as BIN which is unrecognized by the Android software environment. As a result, one can neither install nor open the file without having to rename it first.

How to Open BIN Files

To open a BIN file, there are three ways that may be considered. These include burning the file, mounting the image and converting the BIN file to ISO Format.

To burn a BIN file, you need a CUE file which can be created in a notepad type. Once this is done, you need to mount the image by installing virtual drive software to your system. The Microsoft Windows 8 and later comes with built-in virtual drive software. However, you still have to convert your BIN file into an ISO to run.

You can also convert the BIN to ISO format using a conversion program. The converted ISO file can be mounted or burned.

Applications to Open A BIN File

Some of the applications that can be used to open .BIN files are NTI Dragon Burn 4.5, Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7, DT Soft DAEMON Tools, Smart Projects IsoBuster and PowerISO. Kindly note that you can only get the NTI Dragon Burn 4.5 for free and we need to pay some amount to use others.

How to Install a BIN File on Android

To install a BIN file on an Android device, it is very important to change the file extension to match the Android environment.

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Change the file extension to APK and send it to your Android device. Also, enable installation from unknown sources on the device.

Proceed by launching the app installer by opening the APK file to install on your phone.

How to Open and Convert Bin File

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