How to Convert M4A to MP3 for Free

Finding the right m4a to mp3 converter for free online gives you the opportunity to convert your m4a audio files to popular mp3 files. This is because they are the most popular across the world and people are more familiar with them due to the flexibility they afford.

The m4a file is also a popular audio file format that was initially designed to succeed the mp3, however, it’s still lagging in terms of popularity because it’s only common for a category of people and that’s the Apple users.

In this article, you’ll find out how you can convert from m4a to mp3 using a site like Evano in a very easy way and without wasting your time. With the mp3 audio file extension, you can enjoy your songs on different media players. You can easily share with family and friends who want to enjoy your audio files with you.

But before we go into all of that, let’s briefly look into a few details about the m4a and mp3 file formats individually and see why the need for converting is necessary.

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The M4A Audio File Format

The m4a file format is a file extension encoded with the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) system which makes it of a higher quality than most audio file extensions. Its compression rate is high so you have their files in relatively larger sizes. This makes them higher in terms of sound production quality and their production is top-notch. You don’t even need equalizers to enhance the quality of their sound production.

However, all this goodness comes with the downside of it not being compatible with most media players and devices. It is designed mostly for Apple iPhone users and this is the exact file format they get whenever they download songs or audio files from iTunes or the Apple store. It works better for them on their devices but not for non-iPhone users.

The MP3 File Format

The mp3 file format, however, is a popular file extension that is used by a wide range of users and media players across different operating systems and devices. The file extension has been compressed so it becomes easy for sharing and uploading on the web for users to download. The compression of the file, however, doesn’t affect the quality of its sound since it has been compressed using different bit rates. By its very nature, the mp3 file format is easily compatible with most devices and easily shareable which is why it’s preferred by most users.

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The Need for Conversion From M4A to MP3

While both file extensions are excellent in their own right, there’s the need for an m4a to mp3 converter. Audio files are shared on the web constantly and most people just download them in the m4a version and it can be difficult playing them on the media players of their devices. This is because of compatibility issues. The m4a file format has that limitation and so the need to convert m4a to mp3 becomes imperative. With the mp3 file format, it’s easier to share and play on a wide range of devices and operating systems, unlike the m4a that functions better on Apple devices.

How to Convert Using Evano

With a site like, you have a reliable m4a to mp4 converter that you can use to convert all your files easily and for free. The site is easy to use with its friendly user interface and intuitive design.

The site is also fast in converting files from one type to another.

However, there are some steps below to guide you in getting this done. Just follow them and you won’t be wrong.

Step 1: Go to the site with this link at and it’ll load in a second. After loading, you’ll find a large light blue tab at the centre of the page with the caption “M4A to MP3 Converter” which also has a “Choose File” caption beneath it.

How to Convert M4A to MP3 for Free

Step 2: The “Choose File” tab when clicked, will take you directly to where you can select the m4a file you intend to convert to mp3. It takes you directly to the storage section of your device, so you can select the m4a audio file you want to convert.

Step 3: After selecting the audio file, you can then choose the file format that you want to convert to which in this case is mp3. When your audio file loads into the site, you’ll find the options by the side, select the mp3. See the image below.

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How to Convert M4A to MP3 for Free

Step 4: After selecting mp3, you can then click on convert and the conversion process will begin immediately.

Step 5: When the conversion is over, you can download the file to your device.

Things to Note About the Conversion

  • You can convert as many files as possible in a day. There are no limits to the number of conversions you can do.
  • The site is free of charge, all you need is a stable internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection.
  • The conversion speed rate is dependent on your internet speed.
  • Converting any file size above 100MB is not possible. 100MB is the maximum file size that you can convert.
  • If you are converting a large file size, you might need to be patient because larger files take more time when converting than smaller files.


If you are looking for an m4a to mp3 converter, Evano offers you that and more. It’s easy to use, the conversion rate is fast, there are no limits to the number of conversions you can do in a day and it’s entirely free.

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With the mp3 file format, you can enjoy all your audio files across multiple devices and media players due to its low size and compatibility. It’s the most preferred and more popular because of the flexibility it affords users. Start converting and enjoying all your audio files in mp3 formats.