How to Pause Facebook

Do you own a Facebook account and would like to deactivate it temporarily? Here, we have explained how to pause Facebook.

How to Pause Facebook

You can pause or temporarily deactivate your Facebook account easily when you feel like you need it. There could be a reason why you want it. When there is a scandal involving you or other personal reasons, you are just tired of the social network and want a break.

This is the same as deactivating your account. When you deactivate your account, all your information on Facebook is hidden. People won’t be able to see or contact you on Facebook. Also, no one can view your Timeline, stories, posts and media that you share.

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You can decide to return to Facebook and will be able to reactivate your account. Reactivating your account will help you recover your old information.

How to Pause Facebook

Taking a break from Facebook is possible, and you won’t have to delete your account forever. To take a pause or temporarily deactivate your Facebook account, kindly follow this guide:

How to Pause Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook and go to Settings & Privacy under the menu icon from the bottom right corner.
  2. Next, tap Settings >> Account >> Personal and Account Information >> Account Ownership and Control.
  3. Now, tap Deactivation and deletion, read the information on the screen and select Deactivate account.
  4. Finally, tap Continue to account deactivation.
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Kindly take note that once your account is deactivated, no one can see your profile, although specific information like messages you sent to friends may still be visible.

How to Pause Facebook

Facebook friends may still see your name in their friends’ list. However, it is only visible to them alone. Besides, your posts and comments on groups may be visible to the group admins.

Interestingly, Messenger will remain active if you keep it active or log into it as you deactivate your Facebook account. You can always chat with friends on Messenger, and your profile picture remains visible in Messenger conversations.

You can also reactivate your Facebook account when you have a change of mind. Here is how:

How to Reactivate a Facebook Account

Login to Facebook with the email or mobile number you registered with. Once you login back to Facebook, your account is reactivated.


A deactivated Facebook account isn’t deleted. Once a user deactivates their account, their settings, photos, and other information are saved by Facebook and restored when they reactivate such an account.

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Reactivate Account

However, the reverse is the case when you delete your Facebook account. But you can download your information to save photos and posts from your account before considering deletion.

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