How to Save Data while you Blog and Blog like a Professional

Blogging is an interesting way of life. I must also confess to you that, it can give someone a heart attack with the way it consumes data especially if you're still a beginner and have not been earning. That's why I'll be teaching my fellow Bloggers How to Save Data while you Blog and Blog like a Professional.

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Save Data while you Blog like a Pro

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How to Save Data while you Blog

The best method I've known so far is installing the WordPress or Blogger app and blog directly from your Android phone instead of using your PC every now and then to post new articles which leads to huge data consumption.

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Although, you still need to set up your SEO on your PC as this can't be done on the App. But using the app, will minimize your connection time on your PC and reduce data usage.

How to Download Blogging App

To install WordPress Android App, click here.

To install the Blogger Android App, click here.

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