How to Create a Blog Yourself

So far so good, we are progressing on the teachings of blogging. Our last post explains everything you should know before you start blogging. Now that you are prepared to join the millionaires club, I think I should let you know how to create a blog yourself.

How to Create a Blog Yourself

How to Create a Blog Yourself

As we always have it on this blog, this topic also will be discussed on a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. Every explanation will be in such a way that even a novice or a newbie will be able to create a blog without stress.

If you have been following me from the last discussion, you would remember that you were told that the four most important elements to create a blog are;

  1. A domain
  2. A host
  3. The Platform
  4. A theme

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to be considering WordPress as the platform for blogging. There are reasons for this consideration of course, but shall be discussed in another article in a sooner time. Apart from WordPress, other popular blogging platforms are Blogger and Wix.

Before you begin, this guide on the Top 3 Apps You Should Be Using With Your Blog will be useful, I will advise you to read it.

Now, let’s start the tutorial.

Creating Your Own Blog

The following are the steps required to design a blog as a newbie.

  1. Buy a Domain

Since you have been told and you are aware that you can’t have a blog without a domain, which is just like an address, you should just do well to buy the domain if you really want to create a blog.

To buy a domain, visit any domain registrar of your choice and enter the domain name you have at the back of your mind. If it’s available, good. Then you need to proceed by adding to the cart and making a payment to confirm your purchase.

On the other hand, if the domain name is not available or have been taken, simply suggest another one and check the availability. Continue the process until you find the one that you can use.

I always encourage domain name buyers to buy a domain name that can be easy to remember by their visitors for a re-visit. This goes a long way and will help them to build good traffic in the future. Another thing is allowing the niche to reflect in the domain name just like the “tech” in “”. this will tell your users what you do even without visiting the blog yet.

Do you know some people are making money online with domain names? Read more on How to Make Money Online Selling Domain Names.

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We are still on How to Create a Blog Yourself

  1. Buy a Hosting Plan

A hosting plan is very important. It is what gives you the chance to build and manage a website on the world wide web.

To buy a hosting plan, just visit the website of the hosting provider of your choice on the internet. As a starter, a cheap shared hosting plan should satisfy your needs for the moment. As a starter again, I will encourage you to consider a buying domain and host plan from the same company, so they can be willing to help you out in case you find yourself in trouble.

  1. Point your domain name to your host

During the purchase of your domain name, you may be asked to provide your nameservers to point your domain to your host. If you skipped the step during the purchase, you need to edit the domain information after purchase and enter the nameservers for your domain to be available on the host.

The nameservers can be found on the host. But if you are unable to find it, kindly contact your host provider to request it.

  1. Add your domain to your host

From your host client manager, find the log in to the cPanel option. Immediately you are on the cPanel, find add domain and click on it. Immediately the page loads, enter the domain name you have purchased and pointed earlier in the box and click enter. If you have provided the correct nameservers earlier, then it should be a success to add the website.

  1. Integrating WordPress on the host.

On the cPanel, find the one-click installer or softaculous or whatever name has been given to it by your provider and click. Once you click, select WordPress from among the options provided on the page.

This takes you to the WordPress setup page where you will be able to enter the domain name you want to set up a blog for and also, you will be compulsorily required to create an admin username and password for easier access to the blog’s backend.

When you have provided the information, you will be required to confirm the process by clicking the submit button. Once clicked, the setup begins immediately and finishes within seconds based on the condition of your internet connectivity.

Note that an administrative URL will be assigned to your domain. This administrative URL leads you to where you can access your blog and the contents from at the WordPress Backend. Immediately it displays on the page, kindly open a new tab and allow the page to load. It should have loaded your blog dashboard from the backend.

  1. Upload a theme

If you are curious and you want to know if you have a blog, try visiting your URL and you will see your blog running on the default WordPress theme. I guess you would want to make it look more professional. If yes, then let’s get a theme. You may need to quickly check How to set up your WordPress Theme Features first.

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To get a theme of your choice, visit ThemeShop or ThemeForest and enter the kind of website you want. Maybe a school website, an entertainment website, a retail store, among others. A list of suitable themes will be displayed to you. Select anyone you want and live preview to see how your web pages will look like with the theme.

The discussion is still on How to Create a Blog Yourself

If you find the theme suitable for you after checking it through, you can proceed by adding to the cart and proceed to pay to confirm your payment. A download link will be given to you to download the theme you have paid for. Note that the theme comes as a zip encrypted file.

To upload the theme from your WordPress dashboard from the blog’s backend, find the theme option from the left-hand sidebar, and click add new. On that page, you begin to see different themes you can use. Those are free themes. I won’t advise you to use it but it’s a better choice if you can afford paid theme at the moment.

If you have bought your theme as earlier explained, just find the upload theme above the page displayed, choose the directory where you have already saved the theme bought and select.

Finally, click on upload to confirm the action. The theme will be successfully installed if everything was done perfectly. After the installation, you will be required to apply the theme if you want to start using it immediately.

You may also need to check our guide on 10 Quick Tips to Make a Professional WordPress Blog.

To see the changes on the blog, just revisit your blog using your domain name.

This is all you need to create a blog yourself. Congratulations on successfully creating a blog yourself and welcome officially to the millionaires club. Also, don't forget to check How to Make Money Online Blogging.


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