7 Reasons Why You Should Be A Blogger

If you hear the word blogging for the first time or need more explanation on that term, I will implore you to go through the previous article. This article will focus on the “7 Reasons Why You Should Be A Blogger”.

Reasons Why You Should Be A Blogger

In one of my recent articles, I said that the primary purpose of many bloggers blogs, just like any other venture, is to make money. I just said an obvious truth, but the sole reason is not enough to have a good blog. If you have a mindset of going for the money alone, you will find out that you won’t be having good content up there, only thrash and garbage.

Bloggers who go for money alone do many fraudulent and unpleasant things like copying other writers’ content without giving credit to the original writer. Writing is most difficult, but do know that every blogger must be a potential writer. If you can’t write, blogging is not for you.

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Those categories of bloggers don’t last long in the blogging world. They fail even from the beginning. While other suitable types of bloggers with consistency and patient, and the ability to explore and learn new things, become successful.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be A Blogger

7 Reasons Why You Should Be A Blogger

Here are the reasons why you should be a blogger.

  1. You Become a Better Writer

If you are not a professional writer and a blogger, you will become one soon. Just as they say that practise makes perfection, a better writer emerges while doing what interests him continuously non-stop.

Since you know you need to write not just for you alone but for the audience that will come down to your blog to read what you have, you will want to improve your writing. As you do and re-do, then in no time, you will become a professional writer.

  1. You Become a Better Reader

To be a writer, you must read. When you read, you get filled up with ideas and knowledge that you can share with other people. When you write on your blog, you write things related to your niche or field. But at a time, you may need to write on a topic you have little knowledge of.

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What about running out of ideas on new articles you can write? To scale through and pass through hard times like this, you need to read more. This act will help your blog progress and help improve the reading habit of you, the blogger.

7 Reasons Why You Should Be A Blogger

  1. You Meet New People

Blogging helps you meet new people. Many people in this blogging business require ideas or the other. Such people will reach out to you quickly in exchange for valuable, maybe economic or other opportunities.

Some people also need not your blogging knowledge but in-depth knowledge of what you write. Others may respect your talent and work, and they may like to stick around you so you can add value to them while they add more value to you.

  1. New Business Opportunity

If you work well on your blog and have a good audience, you will find out that different people and companies will bring you new opportunities in no time. Some may come with advertising offers, and some may come to you for guest post publishing. All the same, you get paid for your work.

Make Money Online

  1. Making Money Online

I deliberately choose to delay this. It is a fundamental reason to choose to blog but should not always come first to mislead us. As a blogger, after you finally set up your blog with enough valuable content, the next thing is to monetize your blog. Blog monetization is just an enrolment process in different ways that could allow you to earn money from your blog.

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There are different methods by which you can monetize your blog. They are; PPC marketing, Affiliate marketing, PPV advertising, contextual links, sponsored posts, etc.

We shall be looking into them vividly in another discussion.

  1. Access to Customers

If you have a product, or better still, you have people you can help sell their products, you will easily do that using your blog since you have good blog visits. Some of these people will have an interest in what you sell.

  1. You Become an Inspiration

Now that you have a blog and have been making money from it, many upcoming bloggers would envy you and look up to you for ideas that could help them out. This will make you an icon, and you will also become an inspiration to them and other people who are just considering blogging.

You Become an Inspiration

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