How to Send an eCheck

Would you like to consider faster and easier payment methods? Would you rather take an electronic check or a digital check for your business? You can easily send and make eCheck payments to and from your customers. Here, we have considered how to send an eCheck.

How to Send an eCheck

An electronic check or simply an eCheck is a digital version of the old and commonly used paper check which can be used to withdraw money electronically from a payer's account and deposited into the payee's checking account over the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network.

The ACH network is an electronic network used by U.S. financial institutions.

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How eChecks Work?

The classical method of sending out payments by checks is through mails. Interestingly you can ease the process by using the electronic process which seems faster and cost less. Who still send out paper checks to employees in the 21st century?

Other than saving you the luxury of time and money, eCheck transactions are safe and the process is efficient.

The process involved in sending an e-check is as simple as finding a secure e-Check Service that works fine and you can start to send one without any issues. You can make a simple search for such a service and go for one that makes things simple for your recipient.

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Besides, ensure it provides you with as many payment processing solutions as possible in a way that can help your business. One more thing which is the most important, ensure they have put proper security measures in place.

If you are convinced to go with one, proceed to set up an account are start sending your electronic checks.

How to Send an eCheck

On most websites, you are required to fill out the recipient's name, email, the amount, and a quick description. This might vary on some specific websites. A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm that you have initiated the process.

Next, the payment is processed, fast and simple. Another confirmation mail is sent once the payment has been accepted by the recipient.

How to Send an eCheck

What is the Cost to Process an eCheck?

Charges on the sent checks can be as cheap as $1/check, making the entire process save you money, as well as the amount of paper and time.

How Fast are eChecks Cleared?

An eCheck clearing process can be varied by providers. Under normal conditions, funds are verified between 24 to 48 hours of initiating the transaction. The fund is deposited to a recipient within three to five business days if the payer has enough funds in their checking account.

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Can an eCheck Bounce?

An eCheck can bounce, just like a paper check if the sender does not have sufficient funds in their account.

How Can I Cancel an eCheck?

To cancel an eCheck, you need to contact your payment provider as fast as possible. If by chance, the payment has not been cleared, it can be cancelled. If otherwise, you will be required to set up a refund.

What Information is Needed to Create an eCheck Account?

To have an eCheck Account, you will need the Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN), estimated processing volumes and other details as required by the provider.

How to Send an eCheck

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