How to Trace a Phone Number in Nigeria: 5 Ways to Use Now

If you're wondering how to trace a phone number in Nigeria, our guide with the top five ways to track a device in Nigeria is for you.

How to Trace a Phone Number in Nigeria: 5 Ways to Use Now

How to Track Someone with a Phone Number in Nigeria

There are many reasons why you would want to trace a phone number in Nigeria. For instance, you might want to track a stolen phone or find the whereabouts of a phone from which you have constantly been receiving calls. 

Now, we all know that phone theft is pretty common in Nigeria, so much so that tens and hundreds of people lose their phones to thieves every day.

Thanks to the latest advancements in technology software that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS), tracking a person using just their phone number is now possible. You can use GPS tracking to track a mobile phone or a SIM card. 

Needless to say, you need the phone number of your target to track them in Nigeria using their phone number. In addition, you will also need a tracking device — laptop or phone — with an internet connection. Also, the phone number must be working for the locating tracking devices to work their magic.

For complete details, continue reading our ultimate guide on how to trace a phone number in Nigeria.

Contact Your Network Provider to Track Your Phone

One of the easiest ways to track a phone in Nigeria is by calling your network provider and asking them to trace the number for you. Network service providers keep all the call logs' data, meaning you can inquire about specific calls as well. 

However, even if you have completely vetted your reasons for wanting this information, network providers will only tell you the city name from where the calls were made. This is due to security reasons and to maintain the other person's privacy.

In case the network service providers are unable to assist you as you would have hoped, seek a licensed Nigerian phone tracker's number who will almost always take care of your issue and track someone in Nigeria for you.

The amount you have to shell out for such tracking assistance will be high if multiple people need to be involved in locating a certain phone number, not to mention that most trackers would request payment upfront.

However, network service providers may give you all the details of an unknown caller for free in case you have been receiving calls from people who are not on the contact list of the said network providers.

Track Phone Number Location with GEOfinder Mobi

How to Trace a Phone Number in Nigeria: 5 Ways to Use Now

GEOfinder is a spy program designed to track a target device's location with the help of a phone number. A standout feature of this application is that you can use it on any device, be it Android or iPhone.

To track a phone's location, GEOfinder will have you send a text message to the target phone. This text message would be something along the lines of “update needed to increase the accuracy of GPS services.” The target person would believe that it's the device's system that has resulted in such a message. As a result, they will not suspect and grant the location permission.

Note that GEOfinder allows you to modify the ‘Sender' and ‘Text Message' fields. Say you want to change the text message. In that case, don't forget to keep the %link% element at the end. After that, type the target person's phone number and hit the send button.

The message that GEOfinder will send to the target will tag along with a link that the intended recipient must click. Note that the target person's location will not be shared with you if they do not click the said link.

Track Phone Number and Location Using Truecaller

Sure, you might have heard of Truecaller, a call-tracking app. After all, it's one of the fewest legit tracking apps available on the Play Store.  

Simply put, Truecaller is a caller ID program that allows you to track someone by using their phone number. You can also use it to track the location of incoming calls.

Perhaps the most comprehensive USP of Truecaller is that it's entirely free to use. It will provide you safety and the ability to avoid spam calls and spam SMS, not to mention that you can even block them with Truecaller.

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Track Lost Device by Using the IMEI Number

The IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identity number of a lost smartphone can also be used to locate it. 

When a phone with a working SIM card is turned on, it connects to the network by dialing the nearest phone tower. This tower shoots signals from or to the phone, acting as a middleman. 

However, before the tower could accept to act as a middleman, the phone must submit a valid proof of its identity — in this case, the IMEI number.

The IMEI number is communicated to the network service provider every time your phone number is used. It can be either during making or receiving a call or sending or receiving a text. 

To successfully monitor your smartphone using its IMEI number, contact your network operator and request that your phone be blocked. This may necessitate the submission of a police report along with other documentation. Alternatively, you can also use a web-based IMEI tracker.

As a result, the thief will be unable to use your stolen phone. Say you later discover your phone. In that case, you can request the authorities to unblock it the same way you requested it to be blocked.

We hope you now know how to trace a phone number in Nigeria by using the IMEI number.

How to Locate Your Android Phone with Google's Find My Device

Given below are a few steps to trace an Android phone using ‘Find My Device' – 

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Select the device type that you're trying to track.
  4. And that's it; only by following these three simple steps will Google show you the approximate location of your cell phone.

Additional Points Regarding Google's Find My Device

  • Google's “Find My Device” feature will only operate if the phone you want to track has internet connectivity.
  • It allows you to track the location of the device you're looking for in real-time, and it's simple enough for anyone with a smartphone to use.
  • If your device somehow stops working in the Wi-Fi range, the app will detect it and update the GPS coordinates accordingly.
  • If you are still facing a hard time tracking the stolen phone, contacting Google via their website is the only option left. They will assist you with more ways to locate the missing device and will also offer you the opportunity to remotely lock your device by creating a different password or simply erase all the data altogether to prevent sensitive information from being stolen or misused.

Requirements for Tracking a Mobile Phone in Nigeria

Here are a few basic requirements to track someone in Nigeria with a phone number:

  • You'll need the phone number of the person you're looking for.
  • You must have internet connectivity to track a device in Nigeria, so make sure you have a reliable internet connection on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • In case you can't find access to Wi-Fi in your area and have to rely solely on your phone data, ensure that you disable international roaming to avoid incurring unnecessary charges.
  • To make sure that location services function correctly, the target phone number must have previously been used. This implies that Google Maps' database for this phone number should contain previous cell tower records. If this isn't the case, no information regarding that phone's present or previous location will appear when it's being tracked.

Phone Tracking Methods

There are several methods how to trace a phone number in Nigeria. The most effective are as follows:

Tracking a Smartphone User

For Android Phone Users

Google's Android Smartphone Manager can help you find your missing Android phone. However, there are a few things you must take care of before you proceed with this method:

  • Your Google account should be linked to your device.
  • Your smartphone must have internet access.
  • You must allow Android Device Manager (ADM) to find your cell phone.

In case you are wondering, Android Device Manager is Google's official and simple-to-use tool for tracking your Android phone or tablet. The best part is that it doesn't necessitate the download of any app, and you can keep track of your gadgets from anywhere.

Follow these steps to use Android Device Manager to track down your phone that has been stolen:

  • On your PC, go to
  • Create a Google account and sign in.
  • Choose the type of device you're looking for.

Google will now display the estimated location of the missing device.

For iPhone Users

Apple has a robust system known as ‘Find My iPhone' in place to help users who have misplaced their phones. You can use this feature to remotely lock and track your phone or to delete all of its data and prevent it from being misused after it has been stolen.

Say your phone is turned off. In that case, whatever action you perform using the Find My iPhone feature will take effect once the phone is turned back on.

Apple devices also have a feature called ‘Notify Me When Found,' which, as the name suggests, will notify you when your phone is turned back on. The ‘Find My iPhone' feature, like the Android Device Manager, will only operate if your phone has access to your iCloud account.

Tracking a Non-Smartphone User

For Tracking Windows Laptop

Laptops with Windows 10 and above have an in-built ‘Find My Device' feature. Here is how you can enable this function to assist you in locating your laptop if it goes missing:

  • Look for the Update & Security section in the settings.
  • Select ‘Find My Device' from the sidebar menu. Activate it from the popup that appears on the top.
  • Go to the account page of Microsoft and login in with your account credentials. 
  • Click on the device you wish to track down on the Devices page. 
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Click on your device's name; a menu will appear on the right side of the screen with further information about the laptop's last known location along with two options to choose from: Find and Lock. 

You can use ‘Find' to zero in on your laptop's present location instead of its last known position.

For Tracking Apple Laptops

The ‘Find My Mac' feature on Macs allows you to pinpoint the position of your laptop on a map for retrieval or reporting. Here's how to go about it:

  • Select System Preferences from the menu bar on your Mac. Select the iCloud symbol from the drop-down menu.
  • Go through your iCloud settings and look for a Find My Mac option. Make sure the box is checked — sign that the feature is on.
  • You may now find your laptop by logging into with your Apple account and selecting ‘Find My iPhone.'
  • You should now see a menu listing all of the devices linked to your account. Choose your MacBook from the list, following which iCloud will pinpoint its location on the map. Note that you can also remotely lock it with a password to block access.

Wrapping Up

We hope you now have the answer to “How to trace a phone number in Nigeria?” There are various phone tracking apps you can use to track someone in Nigeria. Although GEOfinder is our top recommendation, your ideal option could be something else, depending on the sort of phone you have and other requirements.

When contemplating which phone tracker software or service to use, examine characteristics such as phone OS compatibility, the types of service the app offers, the information it will provide for a misplaced device, costs, and monthly/annual charges.

How to Trace a Phone Number in Nigeria: FAQ

Is it possible to track a device's location by using its phone number?

It is not only possible but also extremely easy to track a device's location using its phone number. You can either use a phone lookup service, such as the CNAM Lookup, or a phone surveillance app to trace the phone and its location. Some popular phone tracking apps include uMobix, GEOfinder, Cocospy, etc.

What is the best way to locate an Android phone?

Visit and log in using the Gmail username and password registered with the target device. The phone's estimated location will now be shown on the map. Note that you will be shown the last known location of the target device, even if it does not have internet access.

What are the best phone tracking apps available to track someone with a phone number in Nigeria?

There are various free and paid phone tracking apps available in the market. However, the best apps that you can use to track a device's location are uMobix, GEOfinder, Hoverwatch, SpyBubble, and Cocospy.

What are the various ways to track my stolen phone's location in Nigeria?

If you are wondering how to trace a phone number in Nigeria, begin by contacting your network service provider and request that they track your phone number. You can also track your phone using Truecaller or an adept tracking tool like uMobix or GEOfinder. Other potent options include Google's ‘Find My Device' and Apple's ‘Find My iPhone.' If none of these seem to do the trick for you, resort to using an expert tracker or hacker's service. Alternatively, you can also request assistance from the police.

Can I track my stolen device using the IMEI number?

Indeed, a phone's identity is its SIM card, but each device's IMEI number is also unique. So, if you have lost your phone and its SIM card has been replaced with a different one, you can use the IMEI number to find your lost phone.

Is it possible to track an IMEI number without a SIM card?

An IMEI number is a series of 15 digits. It helps police track any phone, even if another SIM card is used. You can also trace your phone by knowing its IMEI number. Pay attention that a phone cannot be traced unless it has a functional SIM card, even if it's not yours.

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