How to Track Phone Calls with No Suspicion

Phone calls conveniently connect us with our peers and family. Since the cellphone is a necessity now, parents provide their teen's phone liberty when they reach the right age.

How to Track Phone Calls with No Suspicion

Parents often worry by seeing their kids making frequent calls to someone spending hours talking on phone calls. Is your child hiding anything from you? Or, is he/she having a secret affair?

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Well, many dark thoughts can haunt you. The only way to find out about the truth is by listening to the incoming and outgoing phone calls of your child’s phone.

Is that even possible to listen to someone’s phone call?

Yes, you can listen to telephonic conversations using mobile phone monitoring software. Perhaps, there are both free and paid solutions to track someone’s phone calls remotely.

So, without taking much of your time, let’s get straight to the solution.

How to Track Phone Calls of Someone?

You can track phone calls of someone by either using a free phone tracking app or with the help of a paid mobile phone monitor app like TheWiSpy.

Here are the details on how to track phone calls remotely.

OPTION 1: Track Phone Calls with Google Voice [FREE SOLUTION]

Google Voice is an effective solution to track phone calls. You can use Google Voice on both Android and iOS devices. The only thing you need to do is transfer the target number on the Google Voice app.

Here is how to begin with Google Voice:

  1. Go to the Google Voice website from the target device.
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
  3. Tap on the gear icon. You can locate it at the top-right corner.
  4. Open Settings and tap on Phone Calls.
  5. Tap on Enable Recording option.
  6. Press “4” before or during a call to record it. You have to press “4” again to end the recording.

Now, here is how you can listen to recorded phone calls via Google Voice:

  1. Open Google Voice application.
  2. From the top left corner, tap on the menu.
  3. Tap on the “recorded” option.
  4. Pick the call you want to listen to and play it.
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Important Reminder!

Google Voice app is detectable. Also, the user needs to press the digit 4 to record the app. The app is somehow helpful if your child gets phone calls on your device. In the case of monitoring someone else’s phone calls, Google Voice may not be helpful.

To track phone calls remotely, you would need a complete mobile monitoring solution that can help you to record phone calls remotely and deliver comprehensive reporting on dialled and received calls.

Let’s jump to the next section and reveal the other option to track phone calls remotely.

Option 2: Track Phone Calls with TheWiSpy App [RECOMMENDED]

TheWiSpy is a complete mobile monitoring solution that helps its users to extract information from any Android target device. As far as phone call tracking is concerned, TheWiSpy can efficiently record dialled and received calls and help you listen to recorded calls remotely. Yes, you can listen to someone’s phone calls remotely and secretly.

TheWiSpy supports Android devices running 4.0 or higher operating systems. So, if your target user has an Android phone, it’s time to install the TWS app on it and start listening to mobile calls remotely.

So if you want to listen to what your child talks on phone calls, here are the steps you must follow;

Step 1: Get TheWiSpy Licence:

Now that you have finally decided to spy on someone’s phone calls, the first step to follow is purchasing TheWiSpy license. Go to TWS's official website. Click on the “Sign Up” option and get registered. Log in to your account. Pick the plan from subscription packages. Upon license purchase, TWS will send you an email that contains the download link and activation key of TheWiSpy monitoring app. The email will also have a step-by-step installation guide. Please read it carefully before installing the app.

Step 2: Install TheWiSpy App on Target Device:

This step requires you to get access to the target phone/tablet you wish to monitor. Yes, you need access to the device you want to monitor. Remember that you must know the unlock pattern or pin code to open the device. Once you access it, open the web browser and enter the TWS download link in the search bar. Now, download the APK file. Install TWS app. You have to grant specific permissions in order to let the TWS app dig into your target device and extract information from it. The minute you successfully install the TWS app, you will be asked to hide the app icon. If you hide it, TWS will work in complete stealth mode. And if you don’t, the end-user may see the icon and delete the app from the target device.

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Step 3: Open Dashboard:

TheWiSpy online dashboard gives you remote access to your target device. Everything that TWS records get displayed on the online dashboard. It is simple to access the TWS control panel. Just open TheWiSpy website from your device and log in to your account, the same account from which you purchased the license. TheWiSpy online dashboard will show you the feature list at the left corner of the screen. Now, it’s time to pick the feature you want to monitor.

Step 4: Click on “Call Recordings:

From the features list, open “Call Recordings. You will see all dialled, received, missed, cancel calls along with recorded files. You can play the call recordings and listen to the telephonic conversations secretly.

There is another feature of TheWiSpy app that enables you to track phone calls remotely. From the Call Logs feature, you can get the complete call history of your target device. Monitor contact information, dates, timestamps, and most frequent callers with TheWiSpy app.


As mentioned above, you can track phone calls with both free and paid solutions. However, it is pretty complicated to initiate call recording in free call tracking software as it requires physical access to the target device as it dials or receives a phone call. In contrast, paid tracking apps record calls automatically and do not require recording commands prior to a particular phone call. Every phone call gets recorded when you use apps like TheWiSpy.

So, if you want to track mobile calls of someone else’s phone, nothing will work except a call spy app like TheWiSpy.

Start monitoring your teen’s phone calls and detect an influential bad friend before it gets too late.

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