All About Zenva Academy


Zenva Academy is an online learning platform that provides all the technical courses for students/professionals according to their technical learning requirements and helps them become specialists in their technical career choice.

All About Zenva Academy

Zenva Academy provides a wide range of technical courses like data science, game development, web development, mobile app development & virtual reality in their top demanding courses list.

So if you are looking for some kind of soft skill courses, management courses,& introductory formal educational courses, then Zenva Academy is not for you.

The prices of courses are primarily affordable, starting with $20, which you can easily sign up for your learning experiences. All the courses are filled with fully detailed information, from video classes to workshop development.

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We are going to review courses, faculty, classes, prices, certification, & customer support quality of Zenva academy through this blog.

Courses details

There are 250+ courses available on the Zenva academy platform, including programming and computer science courses. There are more than 1 million members who joined as learners and developers with the Zenva academy platform. This platform is useful for learning coding, programming, game development, app development, & website development.

These are some main featured courses on their list ;

  1. Game development
  2. Web development
  3. Machine learning
  4. Virtual and augmented reality
  5. Data science
  6. Mobile apps

This platform is mainly focused on developing coding skills & programming skills through their 250+courses. They have detailed information & study package material for all programming demand courses. With a limited variety of course options, all the available courses have detailed category inclusion. Just like Data science courses include the category of following

  1. Database
  2. Data handling
  3. Visualization
  4. Machine learning

Gaming courses category includes :

  1. HTML 5
  2. GODOT
  3. unity 3D
  4. Multiplayer

The good thing about Zenva academy is that they provide practical workshop projects with all theoretical study material. It helps all the learners to implement & check their coding skills through practical workshops. These courses help you build a real game, live websites, app making, and programmer expert.

All the paid courses are well defined with all the recent necessary information. You will get 24\7 access after purchasing, specified hours video training, certificates & source codes pdf.

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The faculty of paid courses are also well trained & highly professionals. If you plan to learn programming /coding language, then Zenva Academy is an excellent place for you.

Free courses availability

There are many free courses available on the Zenva academy platform. If you want to get some basic knowledge about those courses, you can access them anytime. But the problem with free courses is, they have outdated information study material with an inadequate quality package. Even the faculties lack experience in those free course classes.

All the basic information is available on these free courses category ;

  1. Coding 101 bundle 4- Html & CSS 101
  2. Python 101 introduction 5- Mobile game 101
  3. Javascript 101

All the free Zenva academy courses cover all the basics of the subject with full access.

Mini-degree program Feature

Zenva academy platform provides mini degree course features apart from their regular course curriculum. There are 26 mini-degree course programs available with the complete package. More than 30 hrs video watch with workshop, course completion certificate, closed captions, & pdf notes.

These are some Zenva mini degree course ;

  1. Python Mini-degree
  2. Full-stack development Mini-degree
  3. DATA science Mini-degree
  4. Unity game development Mini-degree

All the courses and Mini-degree includes coding-based information of all chapters, includes project work, curriculum details, & anytime accessibility.

Zenva Academy is one of the best online platforms for coding skill development.


Zenva Academy is one of the cheapest course pricing platforms. It just costs $20-$30 for the whole platform subscription. You don’t have to pay extra money for different courses. Once you get the subscription to Zenva, you get access to all the available courses. Subscription plans are available in the month & yearly package.

It provides learning flexibility according to your time if you have a subscription to Zenva academy, you can learn six different courses in 1 month or two courses in 1 month; it is up to you how you use your subscription.

There is no fixed time of attending classes or having restrictions over course choices in a monthly subscription.

Certificate completion

You get many benefits from the online learning platform Zenva academy, such as flexibility, course specification, course choices, pricing, project, and many more. At the end of course completion, you will get a course completion certificate. However, any university or company does not accredit certificates of Zenva academy. You can add your course certificate to your resume/job portfolio for a job opportunity. Many students have added their technical course certificate completion from Zenva academy on their resume, which helps them land a technical job opportunity.

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Customer support

The base of every edu-tech firm is customer support for their audience. Zenva Academy provides very convenient customer support for its learners. If you face any problems with products, classes, courses & certificates, they solve your issue through calls & messages. You can also email them for any query, and you will get back the answers from them. After getting reviews from thousands of students, their feedback about the customer support of Zenva Academy is excellent.

Is Zenva Academy legit & worth it?

Zenva Academy was founded in 2011 with more than 250+ courses on its platform. It provides free courses with basic knowledge, a Mini-degree program & subscription-based courses.

You get access to all the available courses through a subscription-based payment structure. There is no limit to accessing courses, or you don’t have to pay extra money besides a subscription. You also get the course completion certificate, which you can add to your resume. If you are looking for coding or programming skill enhancement, Zenva Academy is one of the best online platforms. All the faculty are well trained and updated with current trends.

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