How to View and Organize your YouTube Comments

Checking your YouTube comments is easy. What is easier? Managing your YouTube comments. You can easily edit or delete your comments. Here, we have discussed how to view and organize your YouTube comments.

How to View and Organize your YouTube comments

It is easy to find comments you have made on YouTube videos. If you're unsure about a comment, you can always pull up past comments.

Finding your YouTube comments using your phone, tablet, or computer is simple and easy, and you can also edit or delete your old YouTube comments. However, managing YouTube comments can be done on mobile, but not with the YouTube app. You can only use a mobile web browser.

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How to View, Organize, or Delete your YouTube Comments

Go to the YouTube homepage using a web browser and click on the three parallel lines at the top-left corner of the screen. Next, click History from the menu that shows.

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How to View and Organize your YouTube comments

Click the bubble beside the Comments option from the right side of your screen, then click Comments. You should see your comments now. However, if YouTube removed your comment for a policy violation, it won't appear.

Check your comments to see if you would like to edit, delete, or share. Suppose you find one to delete, click the three dots next to it and choose the delete option. To alter a comment, click Edit, and the video where the comment was made will be opened. You can then edit the comment from there.

However, an edited comment has edited displayed next to it.

Why Can't I Find Certain Comments?

If you can't see a comment, even if YouTube notified you, it's possible that YouTube removed the comment already. Kindly note that specific comments are removed for policy violations. Otherwise, an original poster of the comment or the channel owner can remove them.

How to View and Organize your YouTube comments

Who Can Access YouTube Video Comments?

If the owner of a video turns on comments, other users can comment and react; i.e., like or dislike or reply to other comments on such video.

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How do I View Comments on a Video?

On a video's page, scroll down to view comments. Comments are public, and anyone can reply to a comment. They are also displayed in a thread to follow through the conversations.

How do I View a Video

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