New WhatsApp Payment Feature appears to be a threat to Nigerian Banks

WhatsApp payment feature has recently been added to the popular messaging app ‘Whatsapp' early this month for users in some part of the world. The feature enables an efficient and faster way to send and receive money from its users.

In a news published by the owners, it was stated that in a sooner time, there will be a wider roll-out to other African countries—including Nigeria.

WhatsApp Pay is built on UPI and enables users to send and receive money easily. Whatsapp users only need to link their bank and WhatsApp account together using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), to enable them to begin payment transactions.

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How To Use Whatsapp Payment Feature

To use the new payment feature, tap on the attachment button located close to the camera icon in a WhatsApp chat. Once tapped, a list of banks will be presented to you and you can easily choose the one you use and verify for payment purposes.

Hopefully, WhatsApp Payment feature will liberate Nigerians from transaction-based fees with ATM, USSD and Mobile banking charges with Nigerian banks as they earn enormously at the expense of their customers.

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