How to Upload An Android App into Google Play Store

When you have created a beautiful, useful and attractive app, the best way you can engage people to download your app is to upload your application to Google Play. This post will discuss how to upload an Android app into Google Play Store.

How to Upload An Android App into Google Play Store

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How to Upload An Android App into Google Play Store

Register for Google Play

The first thing in publishing an app is to register for Google Play Account at the Google Play publisher website.

Things You Need

Here are the items you should have available for the process.

  • Your final Andromo application file (APK) to be uploaded must be less than 50MB in size.
  • The title for your app should not be more than 30.
  • A description of your app should not be more than 4000 characters.
  • High-resolution icon, 32-bit PNG with 512 x 512 dimension.
  • At least 2 screenshots are required overall (Max of 8 screenshots), JPEG, or 24-bit PNG (no alpha). The length for the should not be less than 320px and should not be more than 3840px.
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Add A New application

Once you have registered, kindly log in to your Google Play developer account and begin publishing your application via the “+ Add new application” button.
You will be presented two options “Upload APK” and “Prepare Store Listing”.

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Upload Your APK

This is when you upload your application’s APK file. After a successful upload, a link to the file will be sent to your email where the app can be downloaded at any time.

Submit Your Store Listing

The Store Listing controls what end your app downloaders will see when they find your application in Google Play.
It involves submitting content such as your title, description, icon, screenshots, categorization, contact details, and privacy policy.

Set Your Price / Distribution Countries

This is where you describe the pricing details for your app, whether free or paid, countries where you want it available among other consent options.
In case you are done, save your changes. If the required information has been entered correctly, it will display a checkmark next to “Pricing & Distribution”.

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Publish Your App

If you've followed all of the required steps with diligence, then you can now click on the “Publish this app” button which should be enabled on the page.
The application will appear in the Play Store within a few hours.

If AdMob was included in your app, you should remember to “link your app” after your app has been published.

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Edit Your Listing

In case you need to edit your listing or upload a new version of your application, you can simply save it accordingly and it will go live in the Play Store within twenty minutes.


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