What to Sell to Make Money Online?

Before we start discussing what to sell to make money online, one thing you may want to ask is that, do people make money selling online?

What to Sell to Make Money Online

Do People Make Money Selling Online?

Well, people sell online and make their money. One beautiful thing about selling online is that it doesn’t really have to be physical products. There are sellers of digital products making a reasonable amount of money day-in, day-out.

I have sold and have seen people sell unimaginable things online. Can you ever imagine someone getting paid just for sending you to a directory? It all depends on what you choose to start selling and how well you are good at it.

Whichever you choose, whether a digital or physical product, the main aim is to make money online in a legitimate way.

What to Sell to Make Money Online?

The question many who want to start selling online have asked and are still asking is what can they sell to make money online.

However, in this discussion, I will give about 6 ideas you can start selling online to make money. Just ensure you follow through the discussion.

  1. Ideas

Ideas are one of the things you can sell to Make Money Online. If you are seeing this for the first time, you don’t need to be surprised. What sells most and at a good price on the internet are ideas.

One thing is to have an idea that sells and another is to know where and how to get it sold. If you have an idea that you can sell, you can decide to make a membership website or an eBook from your idea.

A membership website works well when you realized that the idea you have is selling at a high rate. You only need to create a platform where people need to make a payment to get access to your ideas.

However, if you are choosing eBook writing, you only need to write everything you know about a topic and tag it as a price. You can decide to create a landing page where people who are interested in the eBook can easily read about the content and make payment for it.

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There are other platforms through which you can sell your eBooks at good rates. Some of the most popular platforms have been discussed in a previous guide on how to make money selling eBooks.

  1. Opinions

Your opinion matters to companies who would love to improve on their service and this is why it is another thing you can sell to Make Money Online. This is why such companies do employ consumers to take surveys related to their products and pay them.

Sometimes, survey forms are sent across to such people and they’re expected to give responses to the survey and return to the company.

Other times, they do real testing of products, that is, products meant to be tested are sent along with survey forms for the consumer to give feedback.

There are also websites nowadays that allow internet users to make money from them taking quick surveys. For a list of such websites, check our guide on the best survey websites to make money online.

  1. Photos

Photo is another thing you can sell to Make Money Online. Photography also sells well on the internet. A well-taken picture can bring you some cool cash you never expect.

As we all know that photos are playing an important role on the internet of today. They make a good part of webpages as they are being used as logo, favicon, banners and as a part of post content.

In case you are ready to make some bucks doing photography, proceed to read more about how to make money online selling photos.

  1. Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is all about visiting a store while pretending to be a real customer when in fact, you’re not. You are just a spy sent to the store to study certain things.

After your study as a mystery shopper, you will be required to fill out forms on what you discovered from the place of visit and you get paid. The beauty of mystery shopping is that the expense of shopping is covered by the company.

Ready for mystery shopping? Here is a list of the best mystery shopping websites to make money online.

  1. Freelance work/skills

If you have a skill you can sell, why hesitate to freelance? Everyone likes to work from the comfort of their home and make money and freelancing is one of the few on the internet that guarantees your freedom. Freelancing is surely a skill to sell to Make Money Online.

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Skills you can sell as a freelancer include writing, programming, app/web developing, graphics designing, video creation, proof-reading and many others.

Popular websites to make money freelancing are Fiverr, UpWork and Freelancer. Other high paying freelancing websites you should consider joining are listed here.

  1. Articles

Article writing is another great skill to sell on the internet. It is one of those skills that can get you busy every day if you are good at it.

Apart from freelancing, article writers can get paid writing for revenue sharing blogs. This revenue sharing blogs allow writers to publish their articles on their platform while both parties share whatever amount made on such post at a fixed ratio.

To get started writing for revenue sharing blogs, I will implore you to check through the list of best revenue sharing blogs on the internet.


We have come to the end of this discussion on what to sell to make money online. Here's an additional tip should in case you missed our 10 Ways to Make Extra Money Online.

We hoped that you have learned new ideas about products you can sell online. Let’s hear your feedback by leaving a comment for us and also, don’t forget to share this article with friends.


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