7 Best Free Google Classroom Alternatives

In this post, you will be learning the 7 best free Google Classroom alternatives.

7 Best Free Google Classroom Alternatives

Google Classroom is an online classroom owned and maintained by Google LLC. It takes care of all classroom activities online, including learning, assignments and non-paper-based grading. In other words, it moves all class activities online, ensuring everyone takes their lessons from their comfort.

Google Classroom is a good choice for learners and instructors. However, for some reasons, you might be in need of a substitute or need something more fun for kids. Here, I have considered the best Google classroom alternatives for both teachers and students of the different age range.

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7 Best Google Classroom Alternatives

Khan Academy

Khan Academy supports virtual learning. It is a free website to learn different topics and skills through videos.

Topics on Khan Academy spans across different age groups, starting with the basic math for kids on all grades to advanced skills on computing for adults like programming, web development, and more.

Khan Academy fully supports five (5) different languages and partially available in 26 other languages. The fully supported languages include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French and Bangla. It is totally free but you can support them with your donations.


Udemy is an online learning platform. It ensures knowledge is easily passed onto learners through videos. One can say it is similar to YouTube, except that it is strictly used for academics and not totally free.

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On Udemy, you can enrol for free courses or paid ones. However, you can take advantage of coupon codes to get great discounts on paid courses. Interestingly, Udemy offers certificates to enrollees of a course when they finish taking such a course. For Udemy coupon alert, kindly follow our Telegram channel.

Microsoft Classroom

Microsoft classroom is just a strong alternative to Google Classroom. The class also is set up to tackle all classroom’s tasks. However, it is not free.

Microsoft classroom is designed in a way to simplify problems for learners and make work easier for instructors through the use of an enhances paperless grading method. As a result, this gives teachers the ability to easily follow-up with their student’s performance.


YouTube is actually a free video-hosting platform where you can stream videos for free. Also, it is owned by Google LLC.

YouTube is beyond watching movies and music videos alone. In fact, learners today have taken advantage of YouTube to learn many skills for free.

There are lots of useful channels to help you better at your field on YouTube for free. Also, interestingly, you can always watch explainer YouTube videos on your PC or phone, and can even download it and keep offline.


CoolMath is the best platform for brain development. It covers various topics on logic, puzzles, arithmetic and aptitude, all to improve reasoning.

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CoolMath is a good choice for anyone willing to improve their math skills or improve on the way they reason.


ABCYA helps kids play and learn online. It is an educational website that also offers online academic games for kids.

ABCYA has numerous academic games for across all grades. Games for kids cover first, second, third, fourth and fifth grades.

With ABCYA, kids can now have fun while improving their way of reasoning.


DreamBox is a good choice for learning elementary mathematics online. It is very suitable for children of pre-school, kindergarten and school grades pupils.

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These are the 7 best free Google Classroom alternatives. If you have found this post helpful, kindly leave a comment below and remember to share the post with friends.


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