How to Use Google Classroom Website

In this post, you will be learning how to use Google Classroom website.

How to Use Google Classroom Website

Google Classroom is one of the free Google tools specifically designed to make learning easy and ease the running of academic activities. It is aimed at creating, distributing and grading of classes and assignments with no stress.

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About Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free tool primarily aimed at easing the process involved in the passing of knowledge and sharing of academic materials between teachers and students and vice versa. It is used to create and distribute documents, spreadsheets, slides writing and other academic materials.

The Google platform allows students to join classes and be more focused on learning. It also brings the student and teachers closer together. Through this platform, any information can be easily passed from the teacher to their students.

Also, assignments can be given, graded and stored. Students can attempt their task, complete and submit online on the platform. On the other hand, teachers can view the progress of students on any assignment given and can quickly give feedback.

Is Google Classroom Free?

Google Classroom is free for teachers and students around the world. Classes can be easily created and joined from mobile devices, tablets and PC with access to good internet connectivity.

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How to Use Google Classroom Website

Create a Class

As a teacher, to allow your students to join your class, you need to create a class and all you need is your Google account. To create your class on Google Classroom, visit the website and click the + (plus) icon at the upper right corner of the page and select Create Class.

After creating the class, you can invite your students to join the class by sending an invitation link to their Gmail addresses or alternatively, by sharing the class enrollment code which can be found at the Class Stream.

Join a Class

To join a class, your teacher must have created a class.

Join a Class

Join a Class Through Invitation

To join a class by invitation, all you need is an invitation link. Your teacher must have sent an invitation link to your Gmail account. When you receive the mail, you are required to open it and find the invitation link. You can then join the class just by clicking on the link.

Join a Class With Enrolment Code

Alternatively, you can join a class using an enrolment code which is allocated to a teacher in the Class Stream. This enrollment code will be given to you by your teacher upon request. To join a class using this method, all you need to do is visit the website.

When the page loads, find and click the + (plus) icon at the upper right corner of the page and select Join Class. You will then, provide your class enrolment code provided by your teacher and then click Join.

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Join a Class With Enrolment Code

Note that classes on Google Classroom are managed and controlled by the teacher. Besides, teachers may decide to grant students certain permissions or restrictions the case may warrant.

More on Google Classroom

Benefits of Google Classroom to a Student

  1. Enrolling for a class or classes.
  2. Taking classes.
  3. Taking assignments and getting it done.
  4. Submitting an assignment.
  5. Editing an assignment (even after submission).
  6. Un-enrolling from a class.

Benefits of Google Classroom to a Teacher

  1. Creating classes for students.
  2. Organizing, managing, and controlling of classes created.
  3. Giving-out of assignments to students in the class.
  4. Monitoring the progress and marking of an assignment.

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