How to Create Simple Survey Forms with Google Forms

In this post, you will be learning how to create simple survey forms with Google Forms.

How to Create Simple Survey Forms with Google Forms

Google Forms is an amazing tool owned by Google LLC. It provides users with the ability to create forms of different types including online surveys forms, quizzes, and questionnaires.

Whether you are carrying out research and you need a dataset from responses, or maybe you are organizing a quiz competition or you need to collect specific information about members of a group, then Google Forms is the right tool to consider.

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Google Forms lets you design easy, quick and free forms, then generate a link to the form and share it with your respondents. Furthermore, it is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get-tool (WYSIWYG) that allows you to add form fields and preview changes you apply to your forms immediately.

It is very easy how to create simple survey forms with Google Forms. Just sit back and read through every detail on this page and start doing amazing jobs with this tool.

To get started, you only have a Google account to get access to Forms. All Google tools and products work uniquely by using one account for all. Ensure you are logged in to your Google accounts on your device before you proceed.

How to Create Simple Forms with Google Forms

To start using Google Forms, kindly follow the easy steps below.

Visit the Google Forms website using your favourite browser (preferably Google Chrome).

Once the page loads, find and click the + icon to create a new form. You can either select a blank page and design from scratch or choose from the available templates.

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If you want to design without a template, click Create new form option and a blank form is opened. You can then proceed to add your form title and description located at the top of the page. On the other hand, if you select a template, the form fields from the template are loaded on a page and you can start editing the fields. You can also remove any unneeded fields.

Now, proceed to add more questions by clicking + icon from the toolbar located to the right of your screen. Some possible fields that you can also add to form from this toolbar are subtitles and description, photo, video or a section. Available options available to a question are Short answer (for one sentence response), and Paragraph (for multiple sentences response or a detailed answer). Other answer types are Multiple choice, checkboxes or dropdowns to let you add labelled options where your respondents can pick from. Response fields can also take photos, videos and various documents types. You can define the maximum number of files that can be uploaded and the maximum file size limit.

Furthermore, you can select Linear to set a scale for your respondents, allowing them to choose from lower to higher options. Also, you can add more columns and rows in multiple-choice questions by simply selecting the Multiple Choice grid or Checkbox grid.

Finally, to see changes to your forms in real-time, click the Preview icon from the top right options.

Further Tips

If you have a field that has to do with date or time, you can select Date and Time respectively from the toolbar and set up according to your preference. You can also duplicate or remove a field simply by clicking Duplicate or Delete respectively as the case may be.

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For other theme customization options, click the Customize Theme icon next to Preview. Next, choose a picture as the header and select any theme colour for the overall look of the form. In addition, you can select any font styles you like from the available four options.

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