How to Fix Fall Guys Invite Friends Not Working

Are you having issues playing the Fall Guys game with friends? Here, we have explained how to fix Fall Guys invite friends not working.

How to Fix Fall Guys Invite Friends Not Working

The Fall Guys multiplayer party royale game platform is free to use. It allows users to participate in competitions and overcome obstacles until a clear winner emerges.

This game is played by 60 people taking charge of jellybean-like critters. These characters compete against each other in a series of random mini-games, obstacle courses and tags. Although, the game is best played among friends.

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However, some Fall Guys players have reported that the invite friends feature is not working for them. As a result, they cannot join the game on Nintendo Switch and PS5.

A user reported that;

I have a similar issue playing with PC and PS5. It was working between Epic launcher and PS4 version of Fall guys, but now she’s playing with the PS5 version of Fall guys and I get the same issue as you. Invite looks like it's sent but does not arrive to the other player. Still works if she switches back to PS4 version but there appears to be something wrong with the new launcher.

Why Players Can't Invite Friends in Fall Guys?

There is a bug/glitch affecting players from inviting friends in Fall Guys game. Interestingly, the Fall Guys support team have been informed and are working to fix the issues.

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How to Fix Fall Guys Invite Friends Not Working

How to Fix “Fall Guys Invite Friends Not Working”?

Simply wait it out

The best way to resolve the error is to wait for the Fall Guys team to fix the Invite Friends feature. The issue is caused by some bug/glitch and has been reported to the support team.

Fall Guys support team has been working around the clock to fix it. Once the issue is fixed, simply launch the game and invite your friends to play with you.

Kindly wait till the issue is resolved.

Download PS4

If the invite friends feature is not working on PS5, you can try downloading PS4 instead. This should fix the issue and you can then invite your friends on Fall Guys. The fix has been tried by some players and it worked for them.

According to a user,

I downloaded Fall Guys on Ps5 recently but when I open my friends list all the names are grey bars and I just see a color bubble with a letter. When I click invite, it doesn't say sent like others and I can't receive any invites either. My cross-platform is turned on, but there isn't anything about it on their website and I don't know what else to do.

The same error occurred on Epic games where friends list experienced some glitch that led to the invite friends’ option not working. However, download the PS4 version rather than PS5 helped resolved the issue.


Restart your system

Restarting your PC could be the fix you need. To restart your PC, simply close the Fall Guys game and other apps, then find the restart option from the Windows Menu or press the “CTRL + ALT + Delete” keys and choose Restart.

After restarting your device, you can relaunch the Fall Guys game and the error should be fixed.

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Reinstall the game

If restarting your PC doesn’t solve the issue, you can simply reinstall the Fall Guys game. First, you need to remove the game completely from your device then reinstall.

How to Reinstall Fall Guys on PC

Open Steam and right-click on Fall Guys game from the left Menu. Choose Manage and then Uninstall.

When you finish with the uninstall process, you can then reinstall it on your PC. Once you are done with the process, simply restart the Fall Guys game and play.

Reinstalling the game on your PC should fix the error. Otherwise, you might need to wait on the support team to fix the bug.


The fix fall Guys invite friends error is as a result of a glitch. Downloading PS4 rather than PS5 will fix it. Otherwise, you cam just restart your PC and reinstall the game.

Alternatively, you can rely on the Fall Guys support team to fix the bug.

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How to Fix Fall Guys Invite Friends Not Working

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