5 Top Video Marketing Agencies And How They Work Wonders For You

A huge chunk of marketing professionals today employ video as a marketing tool. Video content has been known to drive the most traffic online every day.

People who use social media like Facebook or Instagram always prefer watching and sharing videos rather than text or static images.

The human brain perceives content more efficiently through videos, thereby making them more engaging.

With all this in mind, various businesses and SMEs need to understand the significance of video marketing and, thus, need to approach some decent video marketing agencies to expand their business.

Top Video Marketing Agencies

With video content being so much in vogue, it's about time that you discover the leading video marketing companies and picks the right agency to collaborate with and get a jump start in your marketing endeavours.

5 Top Video Marketing Agencies And How They Work Wonders For You

Here are mentioned the top 5 video marketing agencies that you can approach for greater expertise in expanding your business and increasing your client base –

1. WebFX

WebFX is a full-service digital marketing company that provides innovative solutions to medium-sized and even large companies worldwide.

Their team comprises of 250+ marketing specialists that help drive traffic, convert visitors, and calculate effectiveness to deliver results.

Their primary focus on services include –

  • Service focus
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Video Marketing
  • Amazon Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Competitor Geofencing
  • Voice Search Optimization

Their digital strategists have brought together some impactful Internet marketing campaigns for various businesses that vary from local coffee shops to publicly traded companies.

WebFX is a full-service Internet marketing as-well-as SEO company that offers creative web marketing solutions to mid and large size companies across the world.

WebFX leads in SEO, eCommerce, web design, website conversion, and Internet marketing services.

All you need to do is request a free quote and realize why WebFX is regarded as one of the best video marketing agencies out there to consider for your business.

To obtain exuberant results in video creation, you can visit InVideo, which is an online video creation platform and a video marketing agency to guide you through creating video content that resonates with the people.

2. Picturelab

Picturelab is an innovative video production company that excels in marketing videos that include explainer videos and commercials.

They are experts in live-action and animation, where the team undertakes the projects from start to finish and helps in the development of smart and effective concepts to create an everlasting impact on the viewers.

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Their primary focus on services include –

  • Explainer Videos
  • Commercials
  • Product Demos
  • Product Tours
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Live-Action

Picturelab helps create videos that drive results and inspire your audiences to convert.

Their videos and strategies tell your story just the way it should be, straight-up, funny, dramatic, inspirational, or something creative and out-of-the-box ideology.

Their team can be present on a live-action set directing actors or even interviewing CEOs and SMEs. Other times they can be on computers rendering eye-catching motion graphics and animation.

Picturelab comes up with some smashing ideas, treatments, scripts, and amazing edits to help you market your video just the way you desire.

This platform follows a very friendly and amicable approach with its clients while also maintaining dignity and mutual understanding.

3. TrinityVideo

TrinityVideo is a video production agency that renders custom animated explainer videos and enables businesses to tell their story in an engaging fashion.

The platform has had more than 20 years of experience in traditional animation. TrinityVideo congregates impactful storytelling with vibrant scenery to facilitate companies to stand out from the crowd.

Their primary focus on services include –

  • 2D Animation
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Flat Animation
  • Traditional Animation
  • Video Advertising
  • Social Media Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Line Art

TrinityVideo believes in sharing its amazing video skills with firms and businesses. They can help you add true value to your brand.

The platform shares its video production team and gives your company the opportunity to render its own high-quality, innovative, and branded explainer video for amazing video marketing.

Their team is extremely versatile and can add any special effects or animations to your video content.

Here are some of the video styles that the team of TrinityVideo excels in –

  • Line art
  • Flat animation
  • Product tutorials
  • 2D animation
  • Video ads

They use your company's creative branding, colours, and style to genuinely encapsulate your brand's voice and shape its personality in the masses.

We'll use your company's unique branding, colours, and style to truly encapsulate your voice and personality.

4. Viewership

Viewership boasts a team comprising of strategy consultants who inculcate a step-by-step plan to feature each client's videos in front of the desired audience.

The team also ensures video optimization, paid advertising, as-well-as post-production processes.

Their primary focus on services include –

  • Editing
  • SEO Services
  • YouTube Ads
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This platform helps you edit and optimize your videos to ready them for YouTube SEO and implement paid promotional strategies to have them seen by the targeted audience.

Their team of strategy consultants provides your business with a step-by-step guidance plan to get your videos viewed by prospects as-well-as customers.

All you need to do is shoot the video, upload it to their private portal, and let them do the editing.

You can spend as little as an hour per month, rendering your video content, and then let their team implement jump cuts, animation, and music to make it appear on YouTube.

To learn how to make a video with pictures, you can visit InVideo online to obtain desirable results without any hassle.

5. Crisp Video

Crisp Video is a premium, story-driven agency based in Atlanta.

It has had a corroborated track record for delivering an impactful engagement rate with an average 300% return on investment (ROI) to almost all of its clients.

Their primary focus on services include –

  • Video Production

Crisp Video is basically a legal video marketing and law firm coaching that has been designed to create unstoppable growth for any brand, be is SMEs or high-ranked firms.

With their unique marketing approach, you can set your firm apart, expand your brand name, enhance your SEO, and attract better cases to work upon.

Final Words

With so many different options to choose from, you must first understand the needs of your company and decide accordingly.

Every video marketing agency offers something unique and something that you can utilize to its fullest.

After considering all the names mentioned above, you can easily find the right one for your business and weigh all the pros and perks that each agency has to offer.


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