Best Short Video Apps For Android

As the internet industry grows, many platforms have been introduced in the past few years for content creators to start their things with the ideas. We currently have a bunch of options to get started with. In this post, we will share a few names with you, which you may already know or find easy to register with.

Best Short Video Apps For Android

These platforms are popular for sharing short videos like Tik Tok and YouTube Shorts; you must have heard about those 15 to 60 seconds videos with audio layering and lip-syncing filters. Yes, that's the same thing we are talking about.

Not only for entertainment, but some of these platforms also offer the topmost rated users some presents, including expensive and travelling offers.

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Feeling enthusiast enough to start building a career? Well, you should be, so without taking any more of your minutes.

According to their active user ratio and serving quality benefits, let us mention all the names. Don't consider them as our list, as everyone has a different taste and needs, you should check for your requirements before following our views.


Best Short Video Apps For Android

One of the best, and the most popular short video sharing platform till today, it has billions of active users. It has more chances to make your content viral than any other available options.

As this app is specifically designed for users to create short videos, you won't find anything other than this format, so people would indeed scroll blindly all the time to find suitable content for their interests. If your content has some creativity and uniqueness, you'll surely get many followers out of it.

Apart from this, Tik Tok has the most amazing video editing options for users. Even if you don't want to be on TikTok as a content creator, you can still use this app to edit short videos for other platforms.

You get options for effects, filters, and a whole library of music with types of songs in it. If you ask us about our personal choice, we will suggest this specific platform out of all these other apps.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

Instagram also announce another video format for users. Now you can make short videos with all audio layers effects and filters. This platform also has options for you to make long videos as IGTV, short videos as Reels, or go live if you want to.

It's great to be a professional and let the followers know about your ideas and videos. We use Instagram to show off our video edits to the public. Apart from these, you can link your store or affiliates with your profile to earn bucks by promoting products on your profile.

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If you get a few genuine followers, this may indeed lead you to great sales and commission amounts from the sponsors.



Likee is hybrid, it has both the options to create short videos, regular-sized videos, and you can go live if you want to. Although, it's been in the race for many years and has a great number of active users which keeps the name on the list.

Many content creators use Likee to stream their vlogs, gameplay, ASMR, and other public speaking sessions. You get many amazing editing tools here, including greenscreen effect and colour management setting, which is great to go if you're planning to make some manipulating videos for the public (entertainment).

Most of the public on this platform is youngsters, as the audience is rich in number with adults you can promote various things with them, including business ideas, share market tips, or investment options.



You might have heard about this platform before many times; it's widely popular for streaming online videos. Most gameplay creators prefer twitch as their priority platform because of the interface and easy options.

Anyone with only a little knowledge can easily set up an account and streaming profile on this platform. People chose to twitch over youtube for streaming online videos because of unspecified video length, auto-captions for all types of videos.

It seems great to interact with the audience as they can read through the subtitles and the instant messaging option allows them to comment their thoughts while you're living. If you are working in a field that can be streamed for hours, you should consider this your best pick.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

The new video format on YouTube is doing a great job for everyone, earlier it was hard for a beginner to get started on YouTube. But now, anybody can start making videos with no specific requirements. You may consider downloading youtube shorts from third party websites.

You don't have to follow any guidelines here, as these videos aren't meant to be monetized, use this feature to grow as a creator and later redirect them to your other profiles.

We all know youtube has the most audience with more real-time rates in comparison to any other online platform.

People love short videos as they are quite informative and deliver the message within seconds. This way, people can gain more information without wasting their time, and this concept works too smoothly on YouTube.

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Best Short Video Apps For Android

You might find this unbelievable, but Snapchat pays if you have a great number of subscribers on your public profile. But it's quite hard to get ranked on Snapchat because the already popular creators play monopoly there.

But, if you manage to make some unique content and grab a place with them, trust us, it will surely attract many influencers and sponsors to ask you about paid shout-outs and product advertisements.

Even though Snapchat scores the most numbers on filters, not only this, there are thousands; you've heard the right word, thousands of filters available for use. You can change the background, face structure, play with gender change filters, or add colour gradients to make your videos even more professional.

The only con is that the videos disappear after 24 hours; you can't keep them live on stories. But later on, you can add them to your highlights to let the new members watch them afterwards.


Best Short Video Apps For Android

The appealing feature of Dubsmash is dubbing audio of short videos, as the name explains itself. You can dun the voiceover of comedy scenes out of any video or movie with your voice and upload it on the platform. This seems interesting if you have a good sense of humour, you can easily score followers on Dubsmash because the public there lives this type of content.

You can edit videos with a lot more than voiceover. There are filters, strikers, and text writing options for all videos. Also, the public can watch and share your videos on different platforms just with one click sharing button. This is a great way to reach more audiences and viral your content.

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