6 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android

If you are an Android user and you care about your safety while using your smartphone, this post is for you! In this discussion, I will be talking about the 6 best free antivirus apps for android.

6 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android

However, one thing is to discuss the best apps and another is to find them for free. This is why this kind of post is rare and unique.

Smartphones store sensitive information that is prone to hacks. In addition, as an Android user, you should be more worried as you store information on your smartphones due to the risk of proper protection. Is this information kept safely? That’s why we need to get the right protection for our smartphones.

As we proceed, I will be exposing the free android antivirus apps that will keep your smartphone in good health. Note that we have in the past, discussed the 5 Best Free Antivirus Software to Protect your PC.

Now, to the day’s business.

6 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android

Avast Mobile Security 

Avast is an antivirus app designed to protect its users worldwide across many platforms. Its mobile app (Avast Mobile Security) is available for download on the Google Play store.

One of the amazing things Avast Mobile Security does is to scan for any dangerous or infected apps and Trojans and provides complete protection against any kind of spyware and viruses Just immediately after installation.

The free version has some amazing features enabling it to provide all-around protection against viruses and other threats that can affect your smartphone.

Avast Mobile Security has some in-app purchases with which you can remove ads, use the app locking option, and other features like SIM security and camera trap.

Features of Avast Mobile Security

  • Junk Cleaner for wiping cache and residual files
  • Photo vault for securing photographs against unwanted access
  • App insights for viewing the time you are spending on each app
  • Web shield for safe web browsing

You can download Avast Mobile Security here

Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton Security and Antivirus app is another antivirus app for Android smartphones. The latest version of Norton antivirus software offers impressive Android security features even in the free version.

One interesting thing about the app is that it provides a 100% detection rate and removes all sorts of malware, spyware, or Android viruses slowing down your device. It also triggers an alarm to find your missing device, block unwanted calls, remotely lock your device to prevent data theft, among other interesting features.

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Norton security and antivirus app also have its separate stand-alone apps such as app locker and password manager available for download free at Google Play Store. The Premium version can be used for a trial period of 30 days to access advanced premium features.

Let’s take a brief look at some of its features in general.

Features of Norton Security and Antivirus

  • Call blocking for muting spam and unwanted calls
  • Wi-Fi scanning to notify you about unsecured Wi-Fi connections
  • Safe Search for flagging unsafe websites during browsing

You can download Norton Security and Antivirus app here

Security Master

Security Master is the upgraded version of the Clean Master Security app for Android. It is an all-in-one antivirus app that has a huge number of downloads alongside good ratings in the Play Store.

Security Master is an antivirus app that keeps your phone safe from all sorts of malware and makes sure that no further virus gets into your smartphone. The free version of Security Master gives comes with great security features such as scanner, app locker, message security, Wi-Fi security, junk cleaner, notification cleaner, battery saver, among others.

Before we move on to the next one, let’s quickly outline some of its basic features:

Features of Security Master

  • Antitheft alarm
  • Message security for hiding notification previews
  • Intruder selfie for capturing intruders
  • Safe Connect VPN for accessing websites that are blocked in your region

You can download the Security Master App here

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile antivirus offers great protection for smartphones. It has a free version with in-app premium feature purchases and a paid version. The free version has manual scanning of apps for malware and viruses.

The premium version of the Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus features real-time protection, anti-theft, an app locker to provide extra protection for your important apps, and an anti-phishing feature. All these features can be accessed on the premium package for a free trial of 30days.

Let’s talk about the features in general

Features of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

  • Find my phone for locating your phone if lost
  • Nearly perfect malware protection
  • Call filter for blocking unwanted and spam calls
  • Background apps for checking malware in downloaded apps.

You can download the antivirus app here

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Similarly, Bitdefender Antivirus Free works just like Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. But, the antivirus app can be used for its great protection against all major Android threats. It is one of the lightweight antivirus apps around. It neither slow down your device nor drains your battery due.

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Bitdefender Antivirus Free app uses in-the-cloud scanning technology, hence, it gives super-fast scanning ability.

The paid version of the Bitdefender Antivirus app comes with 14 days of the free trial has advanced features such as malware scanner, web security, account privacy, anti-theft, and app locker.

You can check for some of the features of the Bitdefender Antivirus app below.

Features of Bitdefender Antivirus

  • Smart unlock for unlocking apps when connected to a trusted Wi-Fi
  • Web protection for scanning adware and malware when browsing
  • Integrated VPN for accessing blocked websites
  • Support for Android Wear devices.

You can download Bitdefender Antivirus free app here

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is a smartphone antivirus app that comes with most of the advanced features such as security lock, Wi-Fi security, battery optimizer, memory cleaner, anti-theft features, among others.

The interesting part of McAfee is that these features are made available in the free version of the app.

Some of the features of the McAfee antivirus app include the following.

Features of MacAfee Mobile Security

  • Anti-theft uninstall protection to stop a thief from uninstalling the antivirus app
  • Thief cam for capturing the photographs of intruders
  • Feature to remotely wipe data in case of theft or loss of mobile phone

To download this app, click on this link


Finally, we have come to the end of this discussion on the 6 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android. I hope this guide helps your smartphone stay protected from various malware.

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Lastly, let’s hear your feedback. Also, sharing is caring, help us share with friends and family.


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