7 Dislyte Codes to Redeem

Dislyte codes let you get access to different in-game rewards. Here, we have listed 7 Dislyte codes to you can redeem.

7 Dislyte Codes to Redeem

Dislyte codes can get you rewards like gems, nexus crystals, and golds, among others. These codes perform the same function as spending real money for in-game currencies, except that it saves you the cost.

Codes can be used to buy items from the shop while you speed up your progress without paying money.

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Codes are given out frequently by Dislyte to get more people to play the game. This is a strategy many game markers employ to keep people glued to their game.

Other games that have circulated such codes among players include Apex Legends, Subway Surfers and Shindo Life.

Below, we have listed some Dislyte codes for free.

7 Dislyte Codes to Redeem

How to redeem Dislyte codes on a PC

  1. Go to the Dislyte Code Redemption website and enter your in-game UID. Afterwards, select “Send Code” and open the in-game mailbox.
  2. While in the mailbox, locate the verification code. Now, copy and paste the verification code into the “Verification code” field, then “Log In”.

Your UID can be found by selecting your avatar in Dislyte. The UID is directly displayed below your avatar. Also, the mailbox can be found in the dropdown menu located on the right side of the game screen.

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How to redeem Dislyte codes on Android

  1. Launch the Dislyte app and select your avatar. Choose “Settings”, then select “Services”. Afterwards, scroll downwards and select “Gift Code”.
  2. Finally, enter your code and choose “Confirm”.


How to redeem Dislyte codes on iOS

At the moment, the “Gift Code” feature is not available on iOS devices. It is reported to have violated the App Store Community Guidelines.

Hence, you may need to use the Code Redemption website on your mobile browser or PC to redeem the codes.

How to get Dislyte codes

Dislyte codes are frequently shared on the official Dislyte Discord server. The server gives codes out periodically from the “YAGPDB.xyz” bot.

To see active codes, type “=codes” into the “#questions” channel and the bot will give you a list of active codes from the Dislyte team, alongside their rewards and expiration dates.

However, you cannot chat,  on the server unless you agree to the rules. Simply choose “Complete”, select the checkbox, and click on “Submit”.


7 active Dislyte codes to redeem

  1. AviveHD – 1 3-star rare starimons, 4 basic experimons, 100,000 gold, and 50 nexus crystals
  2. DislyteYTB50K – 10,000 gold and 50 nexus crystals
  3. JoinDislyte – 1 gold record and 100 nexus crystals
  4. JontronShow – 2 3-star rare abilimons, 100,000 gold, and 50 nexus crystals
  5. LingBigYong – 100,000 gold, 50 nexus crystals, and 5 basic divine wave opt-packs
  6. StSkiCrimax – 100,000 gold, 1 XP booster (8 hours), and 1 stamina supply pack
  7. TGTyoutube – 1 3-star rare starimons, 4 basic experimons, 50 nexus crystals, and 1 XP booster (8 hours)

These codes are gotten from the official Dislyte Discord server and they are active at the time of making this post. Remember that, you can only redeem the codes from the Dislyte app on an Android device, or you can use the web.

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On the other hand, if you're using an iOS device, you need to go to the Code Redemption website instead.

Interestingly, we will be adding more codes as they are added on the Discord server. Hence, always come back for more.

If you have issues redeeming a code, simply send the Dislyte team a message from the in-game support service.


Dislyte codes come with an expiration date which is usually a few months after they are released. However, the Dislyte team releases new codes on their Discord server when the previous ones are expired.

Therefore, once you notice that the previous codes have expired, proceed to the channel and type “=codes” in the “#questions” channel for fresh ones.

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7 Dislyte Codes to Redeem

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