How to Start A Blog and Make Money

For the next few minutes, I will be explaining everything you need to start a blog and make money.

How to Start A Blog and Make Money

How to Start A Blog and Make Money

One thing is to start a blog and it is another to earn with it. Because of the complexity of this topic, I will like to break it down into two and explain differently.

Recently, I gave a short but necessary introduction to blogging. Don't just learn to create a blog, kindly read the essentials you need to know.

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How to Start A Blog and Make Money

Steps to Start a Blog

Buy A Domain

Buy a domain

The first thing to take to start a blog and make money is to get a domain name. The domain gives your blog an identity on the World Wide Web. It is a unique address through which people can locate your contents.

To get a domain, all you need to do is visit a domain registrar website, search for the availability of a domain name of choice and you will be required to make the purchase at a price.

Many times, host providers provide domain registrar services. You can see a quick review of the best host providers to buy a cheap domain name.

When choosing domain names, take note of the niche on which you will be writing. If you are going to be writing on money making guides, your blog URL may look like or something similar. Choosing the wrong URL could mislead people to the content you manage.

Another mistake you shouldn't make is that if you are not targetting a local audience, choose to buy a top-level extension domain like .com preferably. Do not buy a .com.something domain, this will limit your audience and affect SEO performance.

Buy A Hosting Plan

How to Start A Blog and Make Money

You can't start a website without a host to house the files. Hosting is very much important. Without a host, a domain alone cannot make a website. It is where your blog stays and where your URL points to. It is where every file related to your website are stored, monitored and protected.

There are a lot of hosting providers nowadays but there are differences in the quality of services they offer. Study their uptime, bandwidth, storage size and the additional services they offer. Some give free SSL certificates for your websites and dedicated servers for faster load times.

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Most domain registrars offer hosting services as stated earlier. Although, billings for domain and host are made differently. Here is a summarized review of the best host providers around to save your time.

Choose a Blogging Software

Coose a blogging software

After buying your domain and host, the next thing is to choose a blogging software. I recommend WordPress over other popular ones. See Why!

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How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress

  1. You can install the WordPress software on your blog from your cPanel. To access the cPanel, you need to login to your host and select Cpanel. A new window is opened automatically and the cPanel page is loaded.
  2. To install WordPress from the cpanel, find and click on softaculous app installer and select WordPress. It is called one-click installation manager on some cPanel account. This might as well be different in your case.
  3. On the next page, select install to get access to the next page. On the new page, you need to select a WordPress version and the domain name you want it installed for. You should choose Http as the protocol if you're not sure if your host provider offers you a free SSL certificate.
  4. Next, enter a site name and site description.
  5. Further, set admin details which will be used to log in to the WordPress backend in the future. Ensure you keep those details safely.
  6. Also, if there is a free theme offer, select it. But if not, the default WordPress theme will be automatically installed on your blog but you can always change it anytime.
  7. Finally, click on install and wait a minute or two.
  8. Your WordPress is finally created and can be accessed from both ends using through the administrative and blog URLs displayed on your screen after the installation process.
  9. Then, click the administrative URL to access your blog from the backend. Doing this will take you to your blog’s WordPress dashboard. From there, you can change the theme, add a post, upload files, see who visits, among other numerous activities.

As a first-timer, ensure you spend quality time with your dashboard. This will make you more familiar with it.

Install A WordPress Theme

Install A WordPress Theme

Finally, your blog is ready. However, the default WordPress theme doesn’t look too attractive and needs to be changed.

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There are free themes on WordPress that you can install right from your WordPress backend. If you can afford a premium theme, you can choose to buy one for your blog. You may need to check my comparison between free and premium themes to help you make a better decision. Also, you can find some premium themes that can be downloaded for free here.

Further, there are specific theme elements you need to put in place. Check this guide to set up your WordPress Theme Features easily.

After this, try writing your first post by navigating to add a new post tab. Ensure you play around with the editor. If you are used to word processors, you will find it easier to create new posts with the default editor on WordPress.

Get images for your writeups to spice things ups but be sure to avoid using copyrighted images. You can create your images if you have prior knowledge of graphics design. However, if you don't know how, you can try out the Canva Graphics Builder and create images for yourself just by dragging a few elements or by editing pre-made templates available. Surely, you don’t any prior knowledge of graphics design to use Canva and images are designed faster at a good quality.

How to Start A Blog and Make Money

Here is the end of this discussion on how to start a blog and make money. Then, you can proceed to the concluding part on how to make money from a blog.

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