What You Should Know Before Blogging

That you are on this blog today, I am very sure that it is neither by coincidence nor by accident. I am very sure that you must have been looking for one or more information about blogging. Well, I will like to tell you that you are on the right page. Let us look at what you should know before blogging.

What you should know before Blogging

What You Should Know Before Blogging

It doesn’t matter if you have read some things about blogging before this time or you have gotten an orientation about the blogging profession, one thing that is sure is that the information I will expose you to on this page has not been found on any other blog. It is going to be precise, easily worded and easy to understand and interpret.

So many writers always choose to give wrong information about blogging or may at a time, give insufficient content about blogging so that at some point, you as a learner will go back to learn more from them by paying them. But as for Dextrava.com, we give everything we know on every topic freely without expecting any return. This is according to our mission to help people solve technical problems freely.

Before I go off-topic, the topic for discussion is Blogging. We are going to be discussing things you should know before you start blogging. As someone who may want to start blogging, I will implore you to read this page till the end. It will be of great advantage to you.

Before Blogging

What is a blog? Who is a blogger? And what is Blogging?

A blog is just a webpage with a unique address where information has been provided for people who are in need. A blog is a specific type of website. Not all websites are blogs. Although, the process of creating other websites is similar to that of a blog.

A blogger is someone who owns a blog and provides adequate information for people to read when the need arises while blogging describes what a blogger does with a blog. I hope this is understandable?

Like any other venture, blogging is one of those things you can engage yourself in to make a good income. There is no limit to how much a blogger can make. But I think it will be too early to start discussing that.

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Remember I said a blog is a webpage with a unique address. This unique address is what we know as URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or domain name. Just like every house address, a domain name or the URL is the address assigned to a webpage to tell a browser or a machine where the blog is located on the world wide web.

For example, the URL for this blog is www.livetechnoid.com. It is only referring you as a visitor to where the website itself and other content of this blog is located. The URL itself is never the website or the content. I know you have visited a lot of websites in the past using their URL. So, be well aware now that the URL is only helping you to locate a website on the internet.

To get a unique domain name, all you need to do is to choose a domain name of choice and visit domain registrars to search for your domain name availability. The domain name you have chosen should be simple, easy to remember and may contain the niche name. For example, our blog contains the word “tech”, this will easily tell our readers and search engines that tech discussions are available here.

After checking for your domain name availability, if it is found available, you can proceed by adding to the cart and paying the selling fee attached to it. Popular domain name registrars are GoDaddy, NameCheap, SmartWeb, among others that I couldn’t mention here. I wouldn’t say the ones I mentioned are the best out there, so you should do a little of your own research before going for any.

One question I know you would like to ask me now is that, if the URL is just the address, where is the website itself?

While your URL or domain name is pointing to your website, the website itself is located on the host. A host is like land, a land that allows you to build different kinds of houses. A host literarily is the backbone of your blog.

What I am saying, in essence, is that the URL is addressing your host, which is where your website is built. A host serves as storage, let you add a domain, build a website (not just blogs alone), gives you absolute authority on the website and ensure its security.

We are still on What You Should Know Before Blogging.

I said a host is the backbone of a blog literarily because, without it, there will never be a website or blog or even, a webpage.

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A host is never free too. Except you want a host which you can boast an authority over – I wouldn’t advise that anyway. Hosting providers gives access to different hosting plans that may be suitable for your website or your blog. For a blog, a shared hosting plan can be suitable for a start and later followed up by other bigger plans when your blog grows.

Popular hosting providers are Hostinger, HostGator and SmartWeb. Make your search across the web and read their reviews – my advice.

If a host is like land, then what gives the building?

A theme is what defines your building. By the time the domain is connected to the host, you only need to integrate blogging software and install the theme. This theme depending on the purpose of your blog, makes the pages look professional and help deliver your content to readers in a very standard layout.

There are free themes, but most times, a free theme doesn’t satisfy the purpose of the creator of the blog. Knowing the purpose of a blog, just visit websites like ThemeForest and search for themes that can help for that purpose. Use the live preview feature to see how it is going to look when you finally install it. If you are considering buying it, you only need to click on add to cart button beside the theme price tag.

In summary, to create your blog you need three things. A domain name, a hosting plan, and a theme are all you need. In the coming article, we will discuss how to design a blog. While waiting patiently for the post, I will encourage you to get your host, domain, and theme ready so you can start creating blogs immediately.

These are the things we think you should know before blogging. In case you have one or two things you may want to know, kindly tell us through the comment option below.