How to Disable Call Forwarding

Been a while you have had access to your phone? Have you activated call forwarding on your line and would like to disable it? Here, we have discussed how to unforward calls.

How to Disable Call Forwarding

Call forwarding, also call divert, helps to transfer calls from your line to another line. It is generally used when you do not have access to a phone for a long period like when you are on vacation. When you return and can access your line again, you need to unforward calls to be able to start receiving calls on the original line.

Meanwhile, call forwarding is activated for specific lines without the owner’s knowledge. Victims usually experience people complaining that their line is not reachable at times.

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There are different ways to know if your call forwarding is active on your line.

How to Know if Call Forwarding is Activated on Your Line

If you have not activated call divert on your SIM card, and you often see Forwarding all calls on your Android notification, then the feature is activated on your line without you knowing about it.

Another sign of activated call forwarding feature is when the network provider says Please wait, your call is been forwarded message when your line is called. Sometimes, it could say the Phone number is not reachable.

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In addition, fast busy signals, invalid number announcements, or calls to your line are going to an unrecognized party could mean that calls are being diverted.

This could mean that someone else is accessing your phone behind you or simply that the feature was pre-activated on your line by your carrier. If the former, check this post to avoid a mobile hack on your smartphone.

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How to Disable Call Forwarding

Unforwarding of calls is simple and can be done from the mobile phone via USSD and phone settings. Here is how to do it;

Make a Call to Unforward Calls

  1. Dial *73 on the phone whose call is being diverted forwarded and send/flash (for cordless phone).
  2. Listen to the confirmation tone and it is done.

Disable Call Forwarding from Settings

  1. Go to the Phone app where you make calls and tap the 3-dot icon located to the top-right.
  2. Choose Settings >> Calling Accounts and select the specific SIM card.
  3. Next, tap Call forwarding to see the Always forward, When busy, When unanswered, and When unreachable You might need to check which is active for individual options.
  4. Select the one that is active and want disabled, and Turn it Off.

This works for all devices regardless of their network provider.

Cancel Call Divert Using USSD Code

Some network carriers allow using of USSD code to unblock call forwarding. To use this method, simply try this;

  1. Open your Phone app and dial ##002#.
  2. Next, tap Send/Call and call forwarding is disabled.
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The method has proved to work for lines on MTN, Airtel and Glo networks. If you use a different line, you can try it out to see if it will work.

Other Things to Do

Ensure you place a call to your line from a different phone to be sure that the call forwarding feature has been deactivated.

If you can’t still receive calls, please check other additional settings like Do Not Disturb, blocking, Quiet Mode, and others that could restrict incoming calls to your line.

How to Disable Call Forwarding

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