How to Record a Phone Call on Android

Would you like to keep a recording of your conversations with your callers? Here, we have discussed how to record a phone call on Android.

How to Record a Phone Call on Android

There are various reasons why people feel the need to record a phone call. This might come easy to achieve for many Android phone users as they can initiate call recording right from their native phone app.

Other users can consider using a third-party app. We shall consider the different options in this article.

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How to Record a Phone Call on Android

Using the Native Phone App

  1. If you are using the native Phone app by Google, open the Phone app and tap the 3-dot menu button.
  2. Tap Settings >> Call Recording. Choose Always record and your phone will record calls automatically.
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If you choose to record only with selected contacts, do this;

  1. Under Always record, tap Selected numbers and turn on Always record selected numbers.
  2. Select Add from the top-right and choose a contact.
  3. Tap Always record and that is it.

To start recording a call, while making or receiving a call, you should see a Record option on your screen. Choose this option to begin recording and tap Stop recording when you want it stopped.

How to Record a Phone Call on Android

Recorded calls are automatically saved in the file manager under the phone record folder.

To listen to your recorded calls,

  1. Open the Phone app and tap Recents.
  2. Find the last call you recorded and tap it.
  3. Now, tap the Play button to listen to it.

Use a Third-party App

There is a good number of third-party apps that can be used to record calls on Android. Visit Google Play Store to safely install one.

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