How to Get Good Quality Traffic to your Blog

What is the good thing in writing good quality content on a blog without any visitor to the blog? To every blogger, traffic is one of the most important things because it is one of the factors that determine their success. We shall deeply look into how to get good quality traffic to your blog.

How to Get Good Quality Traffic to your Blog

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Why Do We Need Traffic?

Traffic is very essential. It is through traffic that you get feedback. People who visit your blog would be able to share how they feel about your content and this will be a better driving force to make you want to do more.

Also, traffic will make you feel fulfilled. Through your write-ups, you will be solving a lot of problems in people’s life. As they read through your blog and find solutions to their problem, they may or may not give feedback on your blog. But when they do, it gives you a sense of fulfillment. What a superhero.

Another thing is that your revenue from blogging is based on the traffic you receive. If you are not receiving good traffic to your blog, you might be earning little or nothing. To make the most use of your blog in making money online, you need good traffic.

The same content you have on your blog while you earn little or nothing is the same content on blogs making thousands of dollars every month. It is just that you only need to get a good traffic source.

Now that you have understood why you need traffic to your blog, let us discuss the different types of traffic and their source although we are still on how to get good quality traffic to your blog.

How to Get Good Quality Traffic to your Blog

Types of traffic.

  1. Direct traffic
  2. Organic traffic
  3. Social media traffic
  4. Referral traffic
  5. Paid traffic

Direct traffic

This is a kind of traffic you get from people directly visiting your blog. The traffic is called direct traffic due to the visit by a visitor who landed on your blog by typing your URL on their browser themselves.

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For a blog to get more direct traffic, it must have become well known and have grown in publicity. If you improve well on other traffic types and their mediums, direct traffic will start coming naturally.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic refers to traffic from search engines. Traffic coming from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex are referred to as organic traffic. This is one of the quality traffic to adverting companies. Bloggers with good organic traffic can earn much more with advertisers.

To get your traffic coming from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, all you need to do is to engage in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO begins with submitting your sitemap to search console, you can find that here, then installing an SEO plugin and using the proper meta tags and keywords in your posts. A full tutorial about SEO will come up on this blog very soon.

Do you know that you can make money publishing sponsored contents too? Check out the 10 Websites to Make Money Online Publishing Sponsored Posts.

We are still on how to get good quality traffic to your blog!

Organic traffic is pure and free from bots, so you have no reason to worry. And in fact, it will boost your direct traffic visit if actually, you have provided good contents on your blog.

Social media traffic

Traffic coming from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and other social media websites. This kind of traffic does not come easily. Most of the time, bloggers have to spam people’s wall and inboxes before they get social media traffic which I find very annoying.

This is one of the reasons why it is never my first choice of traffic. If you won’t be like me, you can share your blog posts on these social media websites.

Referral traffic

Traffic coming from other websites. These websites can be blogs that have sent backlinks to your blogs through the author recommending your URL within his posts. When people visit such blogs and read such an article, their readers can easily see your links and may or may not click on it. The kind of traffic you get here is referral traffic.

Referral traffic is safe too but it takes time to build backlinks. To get quality backlinks and boost your referral traffic, you can offer to write guest posts on popular blogs and put your one or more post links to your website within the article.

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As you explore more on how to get good quality traffic to your blog, it is good to know that some bloggers may give backlink willingly. When they read your blog and it added value to them, they re-write such topics they like and make you a reference and it becomes a win-win for everyone. They get ideas from your blog and give you backlinks in return by making a reference to your blog. You should do that too when you read people’s blog.

Paid traffic is used by bloggers who are either eager to make their blog known or are eager to make money. Whichever one, paid traffic is a kind of traffic coming from a particular source you have subscribed to by either making a payment or after taking a particular action.

Paid traffic might be safe or not. It all depends on where it is bought. If you have purchased traffic from social media websites, it should be safe because social media visitors are real users and not bots.

Some other websites have good safe traffic you can buy while others are unsafe because they come from bots.

Now take this as a bonus. Learn How to Get Massive Traffic Daily from Pinterest.

I hope you have fully understood the different types of traffic and how to get good quality traffic to your blog.

In case you have one or more questions, feel free to use the comment feature.


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