How to Schedule an Email in Gmail

Do you know you can schedule a time and date to send your emails? Here, we have explained how to schedule an email in Gmail.

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail

Email scheduling feature was added to Gmail earlier in 2019. With this feature, you can write a mail, save as a draft and schedule it to be sent at a future date and time.

You can easily preset the date and time or choose a custom time for the mail to be sent to the mail recipient.

Interestingly, scheduling an email on Gmail can be done on the Gmail app for Android, iOS, and desktops. This will allow a sender to send their mail at the expected time without any hindrance without the sender knowing it was scheduled.

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Scheduling emails in Gmail is as easy as deleting emails in bulk too. Below, we have explained the scheduling process in the Gmail mobile app and desktop step by step.

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail on Desktop

  1. Log in to Gmail on your desktop with your Google account and click on Compose.
  2. Type your email, add the recipient's email address.
  3. Next, click the small drop-down arrow icon next to the Send button and choose Schedule send.
  4. Now you can see other preset options available for you. Choose the option that suits you or manually select a date and time. Also, you can manually type the date and time in the text field available.
  5. Finally, click on Schedule send, and your drafted mail will be sent at the exact date and time specified.
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Google Account

How to Schedule an Email in Gmail App

  1. Launch your Gmail app on your smartphone and tap the Compose option.
  2. Type your mail alongside the recipient's email address.
  3. Next, tap the three-dot menu from the top right and tap on Schedule send. You will see some preset options to choose from or tap Pick date and time to enter a date and time manually.
  4. Finally, tap Schedule send, and your mail will be scheduled.

Kindly note that you can edit scheduled emails before the scheduled time. Besides, emails scheduled on Gmail will be sent to the Scheduled folder, accessed from the navigation panel.

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How to Schedule an Email in Gmail

All Gmail users can stack up to 100 emails at a go. As a result, you cannot schedule more than 100 unsent emails.

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