How to Set Video as Wallpaper

Using a third-party app, you can easily make a video wallpaper on your smartphone running Android and iOS. Although Apple iOS devices make use of live photos and newer Android devices let you choose videos for live wallpapers, older Androids makes use of third-party apps. Here, we have discussed how to set video as wallpaper.

How to Set Video as Wallpaper

Video wallpapers are also referred to as live wallpapers. Live wallpaper allows you to use short videos as your smartphone's background. This feature can help your phone look more interesting with a moving non-static wallpaper.

Most newer smartphones come with the live wallpapers feature pre-installed. But older Android devices can set a video as your wallpaper using a third-party app. This means that you will be able to use video wallpaper as your Android lock or home screen.

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The live wallpapers usually consist of floating feathers, shooting stars, or falling snow. Interestingly, you can also customize your live wallpaper from a video of your choice.

Samsung devices come with a built-in Gallery app that can be used to set a video as the lock screen wallpaper. If you use an Android device that doesn’t allow the feature by default, simply download Video Live Wallpaper from Google Play Store to set your video as wallpaper.

How to Set Video as Wallpaper

However, iPhone users do not have to stress about finding a third-party app. Using the Live Photos app that comes with their device, they can easily use this feature.

Kindly take note that even though the video as wallpaper feature is cool. Although once activated, your battery tends to drain faster than before. However, if you would like to give the feature a trial, please read on:

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Set Video as Wallpaper on iPhone

Before using a video wallpaper on an iPhone device, you need to select a video clip using Live Photo from the camera app. Here is how:

  1. Open your Settings app and tap Wallpaper.
  2. Next, tap the Choose a New Wallpaper option and then, Live to use preloaded, animated wallpapers. Otherwise, scroll down and select your Live Photos folder and choose your video.
  3. Tap the screen to see the preview of the animated effect.
  4. Finally, tap Set from the lower-right to make the video your wallpaper for Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both.

How to Set Video as Wallpaper

Set Video as Wallpaper on Android

  1. On your Android device, go to Gallery and select the video to use as wallpaper.
  2. Next, tap on the Set as Live Wallpaper feature.

This might not work for older Android devices and you will need to install Video Live Wallpaper app from Google Play Store to make a video as your phone wallpaper.

  1. Upon installation, launch the app and tap Choose Video option from the home screen.
  2. Next, select a video on your phone and use the control below the screen to select the part of the video you are interested in. Drag the start and endpoints to suit your use and tap Play to preview.
  3. To choose the correct aspect ratio, tap the Settings icon from the top right and tap Scale Fit, and return to the preview screen.
  4. Finally, tap Set wallpaper from the bottom of the screen and choose to set your video wallpaper for Home, Lock screen or both.
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You can also use a TikTok video as the wallpaper on Android phones. Simply tap the Share icon on the TikTok video then select Set as wallpaper. Select Home or lock screen or both.

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