How to See Who Viewed Your TikTok Videos

Getting famous on TikTok is one thing, getting to know who your followers are is another. Here, we have discussed how to see who viewed your TikTok videos.

How to See Who Viewed Your TikTok Videos

TikTok – formerly called musically is one of the leading social media platforms. It is popularly known as a short video app that allows its users; TikTokers to upload their short video clips and view videos from others.

TikTok gives users all the necessary tools needed to create short videos using their smartphones. Besides, it serves as a messaging platform whereby people can push for and have a conversation using the direct messaging feature.

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However, we have observed a trend that most TikTokers wants to know who is viewing their videos. This could help to streamline the type of video content you post to entertain your TikTok account followers.

Regrettably, unlike the way you see your story viewers on Facebook and Instagram, status viewers on WhatsApp and content viewers on Snapchat, you can't see your TikTok videos viewers officially. The feature was embedded in the TikTok app when launched but was removed due to some change in their policy.

How to See Who Viewed Your TikTok Videos

Due to TikTok ever-changing policies, users only have the ability to see how many times a video was watched. Names of individual accounts that viewed it can’t be seen. However, the old TikTok app still has this feature for people who has it.

Users in the past, used to be able to see their profile and video viewers until TikTok made a change in its policies. So, in the real sense, unless you still have the old version of the TikTok app, you can’t see who viewed your TikTok profile or video.

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How to See Who Viewed Your TikTok Videos

How to See Who Viewed Your Tiktok Videos

If you have the old TikTok app, do this:

  1. Open the TikTok app on your device and tap on the notification icon.
  2. Locate the “viewed your profile” option on the screen. You should see a list of TikTok users.
  3. Finally, tap on their picture to see the profile.

Following the steps above, you will be able to find out who has visited your TikTok profile or viewed your video. However, some sensitive information such as how many times they have seen your profile or video remains hidden.

In the same way, TikTok doesn’t allow you to see who is viewing your videos, others won’t see your profile when you view theirs too. However, you can see who comments on your videos and how many times your video has been viewed.

View Counts

How to See View Counts for TikTok Videos

Launch your TikTok app and tap the Me icon located at the bottom-right corner of your screen to see your profile. You should see your videos and view counts of each video attached to it from the lower-left corner.

How to See Who Liked or Reposted Your TikTok Video

  1. On your TikTok app, go to the Inbox tab seen on the screen bottom.
  2. From the drop-down, you can see all your activity. Select the drop-down menu from the top of the screen. You can then filter your notifications to show the accounts that liked or commented on your videos, followed or mentioned you.
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Liked or Reposted

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We have come to the end of this post on how to see who viewed your TikTok. If you have found this guide helpful, please endeavour to share.


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